Liz Maas
Meet The Cast Of White Knight Chronicles II
Two new characters join the familiar faces.
08.16.11 - 3:57 AM

White Knight Chronicles II begins about a year after the ending events of the first game. This time, the war has spread to the western nation Faria, which is already at unrest after the death of its Archduke Dalam. If you haven't played the latter, don't worry - WKCII ships with a copy of White Knight Chronicles: International Edition. Unlike the Japanese version, however, you don't actually need to complete it in order to start a file in WKCII.

In any case, it should follow that in White Knight Chronicles II you'll see many characters return, but also new ones. D3Publisher, who is bringing the title to North America, introduced us to the cast, both old and new.

Artwork Artwork

The two new characters are Faria's general, Scardigne, and Miu, Archduke Dalam's granddaughter. Scardigne and Leonard rescue Miu from being caught in the middle of battle, as she is believed to be in danger due to her lineage. Scardigne comes off as cold and emotionless but is very reliable. Miu has a kind heart and doesn't like to fight if she can avoid it; this time, she wants to help.

Artwork Artwork

Leonard has a bit of a crush on Princess Cisna. A big believer in justice, he once was apprentice for a winemaker in their home kingdom of Balandor. Although he was never officially a part of the army until now, he had made a pact with the White Knight and completed some missions for the kingdom and its princess. Cisna saw her own father, King Valtos, killed during her coming of age ceremony, and she herself has no voice or smile. She sends Leonard to Faria as a messenger in hopes of both helping her own country, and to aid in the fight against the resurrected empire Yshrenia.

Artwork Artwork

Yulie, a childhood friend of (and with a crush of her own on) Leonard, is the cheerful girl from Parma who was once against his going into battle, but has since changed her mind - and even fights alongside him for support. Caesar is the son of Count Drisdall, from the country of Greede. As the pactmaker with the Dragon Knight, Caesar traveled alongside Leonard. Now however, with his father passed on, he has taken up the role of Greede's leader. Whereas his father was well respected, Caesar comes off as more carefree and isn't so well-respected - however, he is still kind and honest.


Grazel, the Magi leader and pactmaker with the Sun King, believes himself to be the re-incarnation of the ancient empire Yshrenia's Emperor Madoras. Declaring Yshrenia reborn, he attempts to fight the rest of the world in hopes of claiming it all as his own.

For more screens and artwork of the characters, have a look at our gallery below. White Knight Chronicles II for the PS3 is set to release in North America on September 13th. D3 promises that the extra content that was released in Japan back in late January will be included; with news on other DLC coming soon.