Mike Salbato
Square Enix Wraps Up Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness
The final chapter of the iMode-based title is now available.
08.10.11 - 1:46 AM

Following the release last month of the series' penultimate episode, the final episode of Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness has now been released for Japanese iMode phones.

The final episode, entitled Fate of the World, picks up where the previous episode left off (surprise!), with the protagonists from both light and dark worlds coming together to battle the Avalon Empire.

We have a small gallery addition of imagery from this final episode, linked below.

While there's been no confirmation of this in any fashion, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years producer Takashi Tokita has expressed interest in releasing episodic games as retail titles. Considering that's exactly what half of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection consisted of, maybe there's hope yet for seeing this game localized and brought to other platforms?