Andrew Barker
Disgaea 3 Confirmed for PS Vita
Even better, Nippon Ichi has four new games planned. That's right, FOUR!
08.09.11 - 10:37 AM

Dengeki PlayStation has confirmed this week that Nippon Ichi will be bringing Disgaea 3 across to the PlayStation Vita. Potentially this could be a launch title, but that has not yet been confirmed. The port will be known as Disgaea 3 Return and will include the full PS3 game plus all the bonus DLC. Not only that, but there are some upgrades and new content too, including the use of close-up character pictures (seen in Disgaea 4), four new scenarios, and two new characters.

NIS went on to mention that four new games are in the works. Details are scarce at the moment, but some basic information has been confirmed:

First up is an action RPG from the Prinny team with full polygon visuals. More information should be available within the month. Platform is unspecified.

Second is an all new title from the Disgaea team. It will feature the quality of illustrations seen in Disgaea 4, plus the staff are using knowhow gained from their most recent release for networking and other areas. The game will have a famous illustrator for its character designs. Platform is unspecified.

Third is a new title from System Plasma, the makers of Classic Dungeon. Platform is unspecified.

Last, but not least, is a Japanese release of a 3DS game that was popular overseas. No details yet.

Nippon Ichi have even expressed interest in making a PlayStation Vita sequel to PSP's Criminal Girls. Don't hope for this in the near future, though, as they mentioned it would not be made without Kazuya Niinou.