Mike Salbato
Rune Factory 4 Has a Butler, Too
Well, why not, at this point? Plus: Details on the Prince System.
08.03.11 - 1:02 AM

Okay, let me get this out of the way: Japanese developers, what's with your recent fascination with maids and butlers lately in your RPGs? First it's Gust with Atelier Meruru, followed by Namco Bandai's Tales of Xillia and now Marvelous and Rune Factory 4. It's an oddly specific thing to pop up in three games from three different developers all of a sudden, isn't it? Maybe it's me.

Anyway! Rune Factory 4's requisite butler is named Wolkanon, and has the unique job of tending to the needs of a dragon. While we don't know the details, this dragon has helped the game's lead character in the past. Wolkanon will also help YOU by selling you items, and can be seen in our updated gallery below.

As your lead character in Rune Factory 4 is royalty (the prince Lest or princess Frey), thanks to some convenient amnesia, you'll need a way to rule over the land, won't you? This is accomplished through the Prince System. Yes, it's still called this even for you would-be princesses. By accumulating Prince Points (PP?) and spending them to add new buildings to your town, hold Millennial Fairs - okay, maybe just regular fairs - and other, yet-unspecified methods, you'll be able to make your town a better place. Provided you create a town that makes everyone sufficiently happy, you can be named "Crown of Crown," or in other words, the ultimate prince/princess.

Rune Factory 4 - the first Rune Factory title for the 3DS - is due to release later this year in Japan.