John McCarroll
E3 2011: Aksys Games Focuses On Their Fans
A community-focused publisher tells us their next announcements will be all about the fans.
06.11.11 - 8:19 PM

The folks at Aksys games weren't showing anything off at E3 this year - it's not their kind of show. While there are fans of their games there - like yours truly - it's not an event for the fans. It's not a PAX and it's not an Anime Expo - it's not somewhere that they can just talk shop directly with the people that they care about the most, their fans. They'll also be bringing Idea Factory's Kenta Sugano and Katsuyuki Hirano along as guests of honor for that future show. Aksys did, however, take the time to meet with us and talk to us a little about their upcoming plans, but there's not a lot in regards to substantial info.

First off, Record of Agarest War Zero is slated for release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this coming week, and there will be both a standard and deluxe edition available for both titles. There are only two generations for this title as opposed to the original game's five, but Aksys promised us this title will be just as long. Once players finish the story mode, they'll also be presented with a mode called Door of Destiny, which will include a digest version of the first game in the new engine. We're excited to see if this one turns out a little bit better than the first game; hopefully there's many fewer pointless battles.

Aksys also chatted a little bit about a pair of upcoming titles, but they're not going to be announced until Anime Expo. Both are "games that we should know about" as RPG fans. While there were no other announcements to be made, we did talk to them a little bit about the success that they had with Nine Hours, Nine Persons, 9 Doors (999). They said that the title exceeded their expectations and they were very happy with the sales of this visual novel. We prompted them with the recently announced Ever 17, but all that Aksys would say was that they were very, very familiar with it due to the clamoring of their fans. Whether or not we'll actually get it, that is the question.