John McCarroll
E3 2011: A Chat With NIS America
No new solid info, but some little tiny tidbits.
06.11.11 - 7:46 PM

NIS America has several titles on the horizon - August's ClaDun 2, and September's Disgaea 4 and Atelier Totori. We sat down with NIS America's Nao Zook and chatted with her about the status of NIS and what they have going down in the future. First things first, the last time we spoke with Nao, NIS Japan wasn't in the best condition financially, and they had quite a bit placed on the shoulders of Disgaea 4. The game was a financial success and Nippon Ichi Software continues to develop. This was due to the hard work of developers and programmers. While it's not unheard of for developers to crunch time, Nao mentioned a single Japanese developer who devoted entire months of his life to make sure that Disgaea 4 had all of the features that they wanted at the highest quality.

While they haven't yet announced what they'll be working on next, the name Makai Wars filtered into our conversation. Originally announced years and years ago as a PSP and PS3 title, there's still nothing even remotely considered solid with this name, but it's a possibility that it might be the next project that the Disgaea 4 development team will put work into.

Back on the shores of California, NIS America doesn't have any solid announcements beyond the three titles they've announced, but they did share with us a few pieces of information that we found interesting. Most specifically, NIS America was one of the publishers originally in the running to publish Demon's Souls in North America. While this eventually fell to Atlus, NIS America still enjoyed the type of game immensely and has taken a look at another Japanese title of the same ilk. The title? They wouldn't share with us, because there's nothing yet solid about the situation. Other than that, NIS America didn't mention anything about their imageepoch agreement, but they did mention that they were happy with the sales of their new anime titles.

We were glad to get the time to chat with Nao, even though there's not a great deal of new information in these tidbits. We'll have previews for all of NIS America's upcoming titles as they get closer to their release, so look forward totaking a peek at those as they become available.