Liz Maas
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Screens Added
You didn't think you heard the last of that Famitsu interview now, did you?
02.01.11 - 2:55 AM

Even though we talked a whole lot about Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance already, there was apparently some more to that Famitsu interview, whose full version was recently posted online. For starters, series fans may notice that Sora and Riku are dressed in their original Kingdom Hearts attire. Nomura says there's a reason for this, but that no, this doesn't mean the game is a remake of the first title. For that reason he's also considering changing their outfits partway through the game.

As we mentioned before, Sora and Riku will go through entirely different experiences - but in the same worlds, just not at the same time. This is all tied into a new system that's being worked on. Again Nomura wanted to emphasize actions in KH3D, calling its concept 'bold and daring' action - moreso than Birth By Sleep's actions were. And when Famitsu made the observation that Sora's (regular) actions seemed much like his Kingdom Hearts II form changes, Nomura agreed, saying that they were going for a dynamic feel, much like those changes.

About the sudden character swaps between Sora and Riku, these are actually not story related. This feature is merely to keep the player paying attention, and to keep them guessing.

If you want to watch the trailer (again) from the recent event, go here. Otherwise, we have ten new screenshots which you'll find below in the gallery. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for the Nintendo 3DS currently has no release date.