Liz Maas
Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Ultimate Pack Detailed
It's for the ultimate FFIV fan with ultimately deep pockets.
01.21.11 - 10:18 PM

If you're a huge Final Fantasy IV fan, this collection is going to be one sweet bundle - but only if you've got a decent amount of spare change on hand. The Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Ultimate Pack is a doozy: it contains the PSP game of course, a guide book, a Final Fantasy IV Complete Arts artbook, and a 17-track music CD. The CD is called Final Fantasy IV & After Years Sounds Plus, but just twelve tracks have been chosen - fans get to vote on and choose the other five.

The tracklist for the 12 existing tracks is here, and if you're a Square Enix member (in Japan) you can vote here. Heck, even if you're not a member, go anyway and listen to the track samples. To see more of the ultimate pack itself, take a look in our gallery here.

The Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, which includes the episodic sequel The After Years and a scenario which links the two, will be out in Japan on March 24th. While the Ultimate Pack will cost 9445 yen ($114.39 US), the regular edition will cost 5980 yen ($72.43 US) in UMD format, or 4980 yen ($60.32 US) for a digital download. The collection has not yet been announced for North America.