Liz Maas
Yes, You Get New Worlds In Kingdom Hearts 3DS
What's more, it'll lead in to Kingdom Hearts III - whenever that shows up.
11.17.10 - 7:44 PM

Recently Famitsu interviewed Kingdom Hearts producer Tetsuya Nomura, and he had a lot to say about the series' next installment which will be for the Nintendo 3DS and he even provided a few hints about Kingdom Hearts III. As you can imagine, it's further down the road but it looks like Kingdom Hearts 3DS will tie into III both gameplay-wise and storywise, and Nomura suggests that its ending will lead us into this next big title as well.

As for Kingdom Hearts 3DS, you'll be able to control both Sora and Riku. If you're confused as to why they're both there... well, Nomura wouldn't elaborate since it's an important plot point. Each will control a little differently, but that aspect is still being developed. The staff is also in the process of choosing some new worlds from the Disney universe to implement into the game, although Kingdom Hearts originals such as Traverse Town will still remain.

The team has almost finished developing the title's main gameplay systems and are in the process of testing them out and figuring out how to work them into the game itself. Meanwhile, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix is just about complete and will be playable at next month's Jump Festa. (As will The 3rd Birthday, for that matter.) Nomura revealed that in Birth By Sleep Final Mix, you'll actually be able to control your character in the new secret episode.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix is set to release in Japan in January 20th, while North America will get Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded for the Nintendo DS on january 11th.