Patrick Gann
Soundtracks Update: Valkyria Ranker Chronicles (or "Last Senjou")
Last Ranker OST, Piano Promo CD, and Valkyria Chronicles Vocal
11.07.10 - 3:58 PM

We promised this day would come. And come it has.

Stephen Meyerink, one of our studly editors, reviewed both the full OST and "piano trio arrange" limited promo CD for Capcom's RPG Last Ranker, which has yet to even be announced for the US (if at all). The soundtrack is by the venerable Yoko Shimomura. That should get your attention.

As for me? I thought I'd chip in after seeing my buddy Bryan post a review of Valkyria Chronicles II. I present you fine folks with the Senjou no Valkyria Song Collection. Vocal tracks from both RPGs in the series, as well as TV anime theme songs. All crammed into one lovely disc.