Liz Maas
Atelier Violet: Alchemist of Gramnad 2 Also Coming To PSP
Aren't you glad you have a PSP that is (hopefully) not a Go?
11.03.10 - 12:35 AM

Often, game announcement leaks come by way of magazine scans, but this one is courtesy of some Japanese retailers. It seems that there are a few of them who are listing an as-yet-unannounced PlayStation Portable port of Atelier Violet: Alchemist of Gramnad 2, which was originally released on the PlayStation 2 in Japan back in 2003. Only, the PSP version is carrying the subtitle Gunjou no Omoide (Deep Blue Memories), and some new features were given in the product listing include new characters, Lapis, Nanami and Sphere; new events and new endings involving these new characters; and a re-worked interface to better fit with the PSP.

Although Gust hasn't officially announced the title, which is the fifth in the Atelier series, it's not all that surprising since they did release a PSP port of its prequel, Atelier Judie: Alchemist of Gramnad earlier this year. The Japanese release date given for Atelier Violet's PSP version is February 3rd, 2011. There are also two editions listed: a standard for 5040 yen ($62.48 US), and a 'premium edition' (no details given) for 7140 yen ($88.52).