Liz Maas
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix Gets An Actual JP Date
Make Cloud look cooler; not like anyone's tried over the past 13 years.
10.30.10 - 1:55 PM

Because there apparently isn't enough Kingdom Hearts to go around, Square Enix set a firm release date for Birth By Sleep: Final Mix in Japan. We've managed to put together a small gallery for this particular edition, and.. well, it's colourful as always. As is always the case with 'Final Mixes' and International editions, this typically amounts to the Western version of the game, including English voice acting, but with a bunch more Final Mix-only extras thrown in as well.

The ever-increasing list of extras now also includes: a new special episode with a new map, new boss battles, a sticker album, a Peter Pan command board called a skull board, a D-link with Pete, new missions, multi-player co-op skills, and some extras for the mini-games. Oh, and the game will come with a code that gets you Cloud's Kingdom Hearts costume in the Dissidia: Final Fantasy follow-up. In case you forgot what it looks like:

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix will be available for the PlayStation Portable on January 20th in Japan for 6090 yen. If you're not keen on importing and playing Birth By Sleep all over again, Re:coded for the Nintendo DS is coming to North America on January 11th. We will have an import review of the latter coming very soon so keep checking back!