Liz Maas
Ni No Kuni DS Gallery Update & Gameplay Details
Who knew you needed a giant book to help you use the stylus?
10.19.10 - 6:25 PM

With their press event this morning in Japan that saw Level 5 announce an interesting crossover title, some media and details were released on their other titles as well. Today we have some new Ni No Kuni (I dare anyone to say that ten times fast) DS screenshots, art and packaging. If the packaging page has you confused, it's because the game actually comes in a big box packaged with a giant tome that lists the monsters and the spells that your stylus can execute. Think of it as a really, really fancy instruction booklet that weighs more than your game.

UPDATE: Level 5 also mentioned a few more gameplay details for the game's DS version. It looks as if you stay at the Matatabi Inn in-game, you can access the 'World of Dreams,' where you're presented puzzles by the Dream Guide, and you'll need the Magic Master book to complete them. The book also helps you get info on magic and monsters as well. Ni No Kuni's monsters are called Imagine, and like Pokémon and Shin Megami Tensei games, you can recruit them, level them and bring them into battle with you. You can also trade them with other players, or use them in multiplayer versus modes.

There is also a Traveling Egg system which makes use of your DS' wifi access, if enabled, where Tag Mode exchanges these eggs, which can contain items or Imagine, while your DS sleeps. You then choose whether to open the egg, or leave it as is so that it gets passed onto someone else when your DS is put to sleep again. By passing on eggs, you accumulate Egg Points, but if you want to break one open, you'll use up somne of these points. The eggs themselves also have a level of their own, so the higher its level, the more rare its contents are.

Level 5 will also offer downloadable items and events for the next year after release, much like what they had also done with Dragon Quest IX. There will also be a ship which will give you access to more areas, including Casino City where you'll find all sorts of minigames.

Ni No Kuni is out for the Nintendo DS on December 9th in Japan. Level 5 has alluded to a North American release, but there's no confirmation quite yet.