Patrick Gann
Soundtracks Update Featuring Indie RPG "Deadly Sin"
Also: Twinbee (?!), Antiphona, Blue Forest Story, Atelier, and even more Atelier.
10.11.10 - 8:38 PM

Big update today. Perhaps not in terms of notoriety; but as my favorite Colorado-based band once said, "Quantity Is Job 1."

Starting with our "headliner," Deadly Sin, I gotta say... I wasn't expecting this. Phil Hamilton is the creator of this indie RPG series (currently in two installments), and he's also the composer. Don't think composers can direct games? Akira Tsuchiya and Shoji Meguro would have a word with you. At any rate, this soundtrack (just released last month) will remind you of good 32-bit JRPG music. Albert Odyssey Gaiden comes to mind. That's my thought anyway. The full review comes courtesy of Neal Chandran.

Also from Neal: Blue Forest Story ~Seal of Wind~ soundtrack review. This is a remake for the old original BFS. You mean you've never heard of this holy grail? Well, time to be edumacated by the Chandran!!

And now for the most ridiculous item on today's grocery list: Twinbee RPG OGS (Original Game Soundtrack). Yes, Konami's ridiculous shmup from decades ago had its own RPG. With surprisingly good bits of muzak. Check it.

Next! The rarest item on the list by far, the soundtrack for Antiphona no Seikaihime ("Antiphona the Hymn Princess"). That's the new PSP RPG in NIS's Marl's Kingdom series (note: I am angrily shaking my fist towards the heavens... please localize this series NISA!). Promo-only release with the game in Japan. In all likelihood, our audio samples are all you'll ever hear of this one.

Finally... two Gust albums. One is the new "Volkslied 3" (Atelier series vocals). The other is the two disc soundtrack for the PSP remake of Atelier Judie. I love one of these albums dearly. Can you guess which one it is?

ALRIGHTY that's the end! Next update will have, among other things, The Last Ranker OST and the piano trio arrange promo CD. Cheers to Shimomura!