Liz Maas
Tales of Graces F Info, Gallery Added
That's a lot of purple hair going on.
10.11.10 - 12:48 AM

Back in July, Namco Bandai announced a few Tales titles, including Tales of Graces being ported to (and updated for) the PlayStation 3. Now the game's release is not too far off in Japan, and so it has a collector's edition - which, if you're into writing fancy letters, is perfect for you. The package, pictured below, contains an Asbel Lhent quill pen with a stand; Windol Kingdom stationary, envelopes, and seals bearing the coat of arms; a letter from Richard to Asbel, and a Sophie bookmark.

As for the game itself, Tales of Graces F will add an epilogue scenario for Asbel and his party which takes place six months after the original Wii game, and contains new dungeons and new monsters. There will also be more sub events, and Accel Mode (accelerate mode) is also new, where the characters can execute their own unique actions. Some of the characters, including heroine Sophie, will also get new outfits and hi-ougi special attacks. Lastly, there is a new character named Little Queen who appears in the epilogue.

It took us some time to get a gallery together, but now that we have, it's a pretty big one. We've added 93 screens (no, that is not a typo), some art and Japanese packaging, including those pre-order bonuses. Lastly, the game's official website has some trailers if this gallery isn't enough for you.

Tales of Graces F will be out in Japan on December 2nd for 8379 yen ($102.13 US) and the collector's edition will run 13800 yen ($168.20 US). Pre-ordering the game nets you a drama DVD with character designer Mutsumi Inomata's illustrations on the DVD jacket, download codes for alternate costumes for Asbel, Sophie and Richard, and a download code for custom PS3 themes. If you have access to the Japanese PlayStation Network, a demo went up last week that you can try out. The game is currently not slated for a North American release.