Liz Maas
Tears to Tiara PSP Release Info & Galleries Added
Just what are these games? Come find out!
10.05.10 - 1:30 AM

I admit, I'm a Fire Emblem fan if you couldn't already tell from the avatar. So it shouldn't be too surprising that gameplay screenshots of these upcoming Tears to Tiara games caught my eye. For those of you who are doing a double-take because all they remember is the PC game from years ago... well, Aquaplus' series is both cleaner and more of a strategy RPG (while still keeping visual novel elements) these days ever since Kakan no Daichi (Wreath of the Earth) was ported to the PlayStation 3 last year.

Now two of them are headed to the PlayStation Portable, so if you need an SRPG fix, these may be it - as long as you're willing to import. The Tears to Tiara games have never come to North America and there hasn't been word of them coming in the future. The first is another port of Kakan no Daichi, which has an extra difficulty, the option to data install and save event scenes. There is a limited edition including a miniature sword, a PSP sticker and alternate covers for the game packaging, all for 6825 yen ($81.34 US). The regular edition will cost 5040 yen ($60.07 US), and both editions will be out in Japan on November 25th.

The other game is Tears to Tiara Gaiden: Avalon no Nazo Portable (The Secret of Avalon Portable). The limited edition packaging is similar minus the sword, and runs for 5775 yen ($68.83 US). The regular edition is 3990 yen ($47.55 US), and both will be out on December 16th.

For the curious (and if you've read this far, you know you are), we've added galleries for each game, so check out the screens and art - and even packaging - for both of them below!