Patrick Gann
Soundtrack Reviews: Cladun, ARF, Suikoden
Hey, one of those games was released today!
09.21.10 - 6:00 PM

Dear readers of RPGFan, particularly the soundtracks section:

I'm sorry.

The rate of soundtrack-review-writing-and-posting has been dismal compared to past years. I know. We'll be playing catch up for a long time.

But I want you to forget about all that right now. Today, I have some great teammates helping me and the end result is some great music, and some great critique of perhaps-not-so-great music!

First up, since it was released in North America today, the soundtrack for Cladun. Actually, it was called Classic Dungeon in Japan. And it came out well over a year ago. Hence, the soundtrack did as well. But we're only now getting to it. It's a two disc romp with excellent retro tunes. Especially on the second disc, where you get full-on 8-bit renditions of the soundtrack. It's a trend in gaming these days, and it's one I have to give the nod of approval.

Next, ARF! Was that a dog? No, it was Ashton Liu reviewing the three disc full soundtrack for Arc Rise Fantasia. What's that, you ask? What about that promotional disc we reviewed before that no longer appears on the soundtracks section? We cut it! We only reviewed that promo disc because, at the time, it looked as though a full retail release wasn't happening. And since the promo disc was also named "Arc Rise Fantasia OST" and it had no unique tracks on it, we cleared the review. It paved the way for Ashton's review of goodness. Get in on the goodness.

Ashton also brings us a review of the Genso Suikoden Tierkreis Extra Soundtrack. What's an extra soundtrack, you ask? It's when the 3 disc OST wasn't nearly enough, so they pack *another 3 discs* of music into second release. Madness.

Finally, also in the realm of Konami's great RPG series, Damian Thomas has a review for the latest arranged album: "Genso Suikoden Arrange Collection Vol.2 ~Celtic & Asian~" -- that's a big title.

We'll have another update before the month is out with the most random collection of music ever. If you email me with guesses and/or suggestions (sugGUESStions?) as to what will be in the next update, and you get some stuff included, I will give you the biggest Internet-transferred high-five ever.