Liz Maas
Final Fantasy XIII For Xbox 360 Announced For Japan
Does the game really need an easy mode?
09.08.10 - 6:13 PM

After a Dengeki scan started up a couple days' worth of rumors, Square Enix finally confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII is indeed headed for the Xbox 360 in Japan. Previously, the game was a PlayStation 3-only title in Japan, whereas it got both a PS3 and an Xbox 360 release in North America. Like the name suggests, Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International will be much like 'International' editions of Square Enix titles of the past, which include bonus content not in the original release. In this case, players will get English voice acting and Japanese subtitles, though they can opt for English subtitles instead. There will also be an easy mode, and the game will use the international theme song, Leona Lewis' "My Hands." As well, first-print editions will include a book entitled Final Fantasy XIII - A Corridor of Memory -, which has artwork and previously-unseen event scenes, and Final Fantasy XIII - Episode i -, a short epilogue to the game.

Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International goes on sale in Japan on December 16th and will retail for 4990 yen ($59.38 US).