John McCarroll
Microsoft Announces Fable III, Episodic Fable II
Peter Molyneux is bringing us another tale.
08.20.09 - 1:07 AM

While a great deal of Xbox 360 owners have been introduced to the world of Fable through Fable II, Peter Molyneux and the minds at Microsoft are looking to introduce many more with Fable II Episodic, the original game split into five chapters available as downloads. The first of these will be free, and each chapter will have a natural break where the player can choose to buy more of the game. Available on September 29th, the title will be compatible with both DLC expansion packs, and will segue gamers into the big announcement from Microsoft at GamesCom: Fable III.

Fable III puts gamers into the shoes of the son or daughter of the hero of Fable II, leading an insurrection against a tyrant king. Players must gather support with the masses, unite feuding factions, and gain followers to overthrow the king. While doing this, players must make promises to those masses, which they will later decide to keep or not, as well as observing what's wrong with the kingdom. Once they hit the second half of the game, players are tasked with being a Hero-Ruler, and gain quest through what are called Judgments. Molyneux provided the example that the player would be shown a girl who had been caught stealing food, and the player can choose to investigate further or decide her face. If the player chooses to go further, it begins a quest, and provides a much more fluid quest system. Fable III also introduces a feature called touch, a much more advanced version of the expressions system from the previous titles. Molyneux also hinted that not only would the system be more advanced, it may also support Project Natal, though nothing was said explicitly.

Fable III is slated for release in 2010, although Molyneux stated that gamers shouldn't expect it until the latter half of the year.