Patrick Gann
Retro Soundtracks Time! Starring: Glory of Heracles
Also, Industrial Spy (Dreamcast), Sword of Vermilion, Rent a Hero, and Secret of Evermore.
07.13.09 - 11:03 PM

I've been on a pretty big Glory of Heracles kick after seeing the new DS game at E3. The four-part RPG series from now-bankrupt Data East never saw the light of day outside Japan, and I always thought it to be a big shame. The new DS game looks promising; but I thought we should take a trip down musical memory lane.

So, we have OST reviews for Glory of Heracles II ~ Titan's Downfall (Famicom) and Glory of Heracles IV ~ Gift of the Gods (Super Famicom). We also have a promotional soundtrack review, for "Glory of Heracles ~ Greece Reminiscences," which covers music from the second, third, and fourth games in the four-part series. Finally, I'll make mention that track seven of "Orchestral Game Concert 5" is a medley of music from Glory of Heracles IV, though my review of said album skims over that particular track. At any rate, that's all the published music in the world for this series, so be sure to check out these reviews. Good luck procuring any of the aforementioned albums though: they are worth a small fortune to collectors.

Next up, a newly-published album for two old Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) RPGs: Sword of Vermilion and Rent a Hero. The two disc soundtrack set comes exclusively from Sega, and it's certainly a strange an interesting duo. The two OSTs got put together because they have the same composer. Don't miss that review!

Friend and editor Damian Thomas takes on ESPION-AGE-NTS, a graphic adventure for Dreamcast that actually came to America! If you've ever heard of the game Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage, that's what this game is. And it's got a pretty hip soundtrack.

Finally, reader "avatar!" gives a much-needed second opinion review on Jeremy Soule's debut soundtrack: Secret of Evermore. I'm still waiting for the day that Square Enix reaches out to Soule to do another score for one of their lesser-known RPGs. That would make my day.

Alright, we said this update was coming, and now that it's passed... we don't know what the next update will hold! Don't you love surprises? We'll try to get our next soundtrack update ready for you in about a week's time. Enjoy!