Mike Salbato
RPGFan's New Look
It's been a long time coming. Read on to hear about what we changed and why.
04.12.09 - 6:12 PM

If you're a long-time visitor to RPGFan, you know that the site has essentially looked the same since around 2003. After quite a bit of design, discussion and copious amounts of debugging, today we're happy to finally present you with something new. The difference in aesthetics is clear, so we won't get into that, but we do want to explain some of the changes and why we made them.

"I hate all those ads."
Yes, there are more ads than we used to run - the new one across the top was added to the site within the last couple weeks. We understand many of you don't want to be bombarded with them, so we worked to keep the ads integrated with the layout, instead of resorting to pop-ups, pop-unders, or simply shoving them in the middle of our content areas. So yes, we know you may not feel they're ideal, but they do keep the site in business.

What's Changed
Yes, previews as a dedicated section is gone. We'll still be posting previews and hands-on impressions of upcoming games, but as standalone features.

You'll notice that our Featured Content menu is now visible site-wide instead of just the front page. Since we increased the overall width, we were able to do this without compromising the content area.

We do hope you like the change, as it's something that's been in the cards for far longer than you know. While we've tested the new look across several browsers and operating systems, if you do find a bug somewhere, feel free to let us know - constructively - in our forums. We'll also be changing little things here and there as time goes on.