New White Knight Chronicles Info Released
12.17.08 - 9:10 PM

Ten days before Shiro Kishi Monogatari's (White Knight Chronicles) release in Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed some new details about the Level 5-developed PlayStation 3 RPG. The newest update introduces potential players to several new characters:

Playable character Eldore is a skilled swordsman and magician. The silent old man has apparently lived a life full of ups and downs. His background and the motif behind his journey are unknown, though.

Thalvein is the chancellor of Balandor. He has served as the king's trusted advisor on internal affairs and foreign policy. He also has promoted the research of the "knight" discovered 17 years ago. After the sudden death of the king at the hands of Wizard, he orders protagonist Leonard to rescue princess Cisna.

Cyrus is the leader of Balandor's knight corps. When he was young the king asked him to enter in his service following a certain incident. Cyrus has worked hard to live up to the king's expectations. While he is a serious military man, he tends to lose his cool when trouble is headed the way of the king or the queen.

The organization behind the assassination of the king and Cisna's kidnapping is known as Wizard, because it uses ancient runes to control monsters. Gigas are monsters summoned through cards. By offering these monsters their soul, humans can make a deal with those creatures. In return for their soul, they will temporarily become very powerful. Slowly but surely, the monster will take control of the person's heart, though.

Wizard is led by a young man named Glasel. While his skills as commander-in-chief are unknown, general Dregias, staff officer Belcitane and other leading figures of Wizard do follow his commands. Glasel is said to be capable of wielding the power of a "knight."

Don Gamarone reigns over the desert town of Albana. While the frog-like Gaman race is known to prefer more humid environments than the desert, many members of the race are living in Albana, probably because of the Don's influence. He apparently also has some connections to Wizard. His wife is Amanda. Compared to her giant husband, she might look tiny, but because her husband does not dare to answer her back, she can be considered the real leader of Albana.

White Knight Chronicles will be available in Japan on December 25th.

Chris Winkler