Blood of Bahamut Announced for DS
11.17.08 - 10:46 AM

With the countdown on the mysterious teaser site prominently featuring Bahamut reaching zero today, Square Enix revealed Blood of Bahamut. The DS-based title is a multiplayer RPG that allows up to four users to play together via the DS' wireless connection. The player's aim is to take on giants so large that people used to live on them. In addition to story-related missions, it will also be possible to play so-called free missions. Both can be enjoyed in either single or multi-player mode.

Blood of Bahamut takes place in a world created by Bahamut's blood. Unfortunately, it lost its surface a long time ago, forcing people to build their towns on the backs of sleeping giants. Men worshipped these creatures as gods. However, one day the towering creatures woke up from their seemingly endless slumber and all hell broke loose. Knowing there is no safe haven anymore, people leave their villages looking to find exactly such a place. At this time of despair, seven heroes stand up to fight what looks like an invincible opposition.

So far the following two playable characters have been revealed. Wielding a giant sword, Ibuki is a young summoner in whose body rests the spirit of the dragon. The young man has a strong sense of justice. He saw it as his responsibility to stand up and fight the giants. After having lost her family when she was but a child, the female lead Yui is dreaming of one day founding her own family. After having lost her family, she has been living and studying together with Ibuki. A capable magic user, she has decided to join Ibuki in his struggle against the giant beasts.

Blood of Bahamut has yet to receive an official release date in Japan.

Chris Winkler