Sega Announces 2nd Valkyria Chronicles DLC Pack
10.21.08 - 11:05 PM

Sega today announced the second downloabable episode for its PlayStation 3 title Valkyria Chronicles (Senjou no Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles). Japanese fans will be able to download the new content on October 30th for 800 yen ($7.86 US). The new episode's story will focus on the Imperial army's Selvaria Bles. During three original battles players will control her as she and the Imperial army try to invade a Gallian fort. If certain conditions are met by the player, he or she will gain access to Selvaria's special gun "Ruhm" (meaning "glory" in German).

Valkyria Chronicles will go on sale in the US on November 4th. European PlayStation 3 owners won't have to wait that long, as the game will already be available on the other side of the Atlantic on October 31st.

Chris Winkler