Sony Announces Portable Adventure Double Punch
10.05.08 - 10:51 AM

One week before Tokyo Game Show 2008 opens its doors, Sony Computer Entertainment has announced two new first party titles. Diamond and the Sound of a Gun Shot and Enkaku Sousa: Shinjitsu he no 23nichikan (Remote Investigation: 23 Days towards the truth) are two PlayStation Portable-based adventure games. The former is developed Zener Works, the latter by Media.Vision. Media.Vision, of course, is the shop behind Sony's popular WildARMS series. Zener Works meanwhile is the studio behind the first generation PlayStation 2 RPG Okage: Shadow King.

Enkaku Sousa tells the story of a protagonist accused of nothing less than murder. The problem is that he was dead drunk on the day the murder occurred, leaving him with no memory of the events in question. While waiting for his indictment in jail, he begins to collect evidence to prove his innocence. Apart from facing frequent interrogations, the player will spend his days in jail talking to his lawyer. After hearing the lawyer's reports, the player can instruct her how to proceed with her investigation. Another important aspect of the gameplay will be information sharing with the police. It is up to the player to decide which clues found by the lawyer, will be passed on to the police.

Enkaku Sousa: Shinjitsu he no 23nichikan will be released in Japan sometime this winter.

Diamond and the Sound of a Gun Shot tells the story of 32-year old protagonist Youichi Onitsuka, a freelance negotiator working for the Japanese police agency and the NYPD. As Youichi, the player will have to react to the criminal's actions and secretly work to limit his opponent's options. Before a negotiation can begin, Youichi's Team Zero has to come up with all the information available on the criminal within a limited period of time. To obtain and prepare this information is the job of Youichi's assistant Hiromi and profiler Keisuke Nakamura.

Diamond and the Sound of a Gun Shot will go on sale in Japan sometime next spring.

Both games will be available on UMD and via download.

Chris Winkler