Angel Love Online Goes PS3
09.15.07 - 10:38 AM

Q Entertainment's PC-based 2D online RPG Angel Love Online is coming to PlayStation 3 later this year. The game, which was originally developed and released in Taiwan by UserJoy Technology, has been available in its home market since June 2006. A Japanese version followed in December 2006. Similar to the PC version, Angel Love Online for PlayStation 3 will be playable free of charge, as the development team has chosen the increasingly popular pay-per-item system instead of monthly subscription fees as its business model.

Story-wise, Angel Love Online have been heavily inspired by Christian mythology. In ancient times heaven and earth were not separated, hence angels and humans lived together peacefully. However, Lucifer fell in love with a human female, who already happened to have an angel lover. Losing his senses because of his jealousy, Lucifer used his power to ensure the two lovers would never meet again. Anticipating his actions will lead to divine punishment, Lucifer decided to wage war against God himself. However, before Lucifer managed to launch his attack, God used his power to conceal him and his forces in the depths of hell. Forseeing Lucifer's resistance, God then separated heaven and earth and forbid his angels the descent to earth. This status continued for a long period of time, until Lucifer felt he had gathered enough power to launch his attack on Eden.

The game first lets you customize your character, for instance by selecting various hair styles. Since the game takes place in Eden, the player will first be given a lecture about basic adventuring at the "Angel School". After successfully mastering this tutorial, it is time to select one of four countries. The player's character will then become a guardian angel of the respective country.

Angel Love Online for PlayStation 3 will be available in Japan this December.

Chris Winkler