New Agarest Senki Details Announced
08.16.07 - 1:30 AM

Compile Heart today announced some new details about its upcoming PlayStation 3 title Agarest Senki. As previously reported, Agarest Senki's story will evolve over five generations. These generations however are not a static affair. Instead, the so-called Soul Bride System will make sure that the player's choice of his bride in the first generation will have a direct effect on the abilities of the second generation's protagonist.

The first generation protagonist is a young man by the name of Leonhardt. He serves as an aide to a border garrison. In this position, he has seen his fair share of gruesome carnage. Hence, he loses interest in becoming a knight and disobeys his country's order to help a young girl. However in this instance he suffers severe injuries. Just when he believes his life is over, the mysterious Dishana appears and offers him a deal. In return for helping him, Leonhardt agrees to be turned into a "Spirit Vessel", that continues to exist in the real world. As a Spirit Vessel, he, together with a maiden having inherited the blood of god, becomes a pillar supporting the world.
Elaine, Luana, and Furia are the three first generation heroines. Set to succeed her father, Elaine's education was very strict. To meet the expectations of her father and family, she chose a career in the military, despite hating war. Until the extinction of Leonhardt's family, Elaine was his fiance. Following a military invasion, Luana became an orphan. Later she pretended to be an itinerant entertainer, while spying on the army's movements. At that point she met the protagonist. Furia is another victim of the army's incursion. After she had lost her family and friends, she teams up with other survivors and keeps fighting the army with little success. Eventually, she is aided by Leonhardt.

Elyse is one of the very few remaining High Elves. Her guardian is a spirit beast by the name of Borgnine. He follows Elyse like a shadow. Winfield is a young man seeking power to crush prohibitions. While his insincere actions and words stand out, he never hesitates to help the weak and oppressed. Zelver is Furia's brother. After a childhood that saw him being persecuted, he has developed a deep hostility towards man. Once he fought Leonhardt, but following Furia's persuasion, eventually decided to travel with the protagonist. Vi la Roa is a fortune teller. Many people visit her to hear her predictions. Already prior to meeting Leonhardt, she had foreseen their meeting. She decides to join his party, because she believes the protagonist will have an influence on the future.

The game's second generation protagonist is called Radius. He is raised as an adopted child by the Buesser family. Unlike his father Leonhardt, he is no genius, but rather has to learn and work hard to find his own path. After his foster father dies, he has to defend his family in a war engulfing the entire continent. Knowing that the forces of darkness are present, Radius decides to fight in order to end the conflict.

Valeria used to be a childhood friend and (in a positive way) a rival of Radius. She is praised as a perfect woman for her sharp mind, bravery, tactical intelligence as well as her attractive face and figure. Following Radius' rebellion that essentially splits the country, she tries to bring the country together again. Eventually she decides to throw away her personal feelings for Radius for the sake of the country and openly oppose Radius. Yayoi is a shrine maiden living in the wetlands. She is helping Radius, who is being chased by his enemies, by guiding him into these wetlands. To protect her homeland, she eventually decides to join Radius. While Yayoi is quiet and humble, she is strong-hearted. She also never stops smiling and always extends a helping hand to those in need. Schelfanil is the child of a beastman and a human priestess. Because of this improper relationship, her mother lost her position. When she was a ten-year old child, Schelfanil's father was badly injured in a battle with a monster. Thereafter he entrusted his daughter to the care of a human friend. As a grownup, she is traveling the world at her fancy and before long meets Radius.

System-wise, Agarest Senki looks like a traditional turn-based strategy RPG. Judging from various screenshots, the game will allow up to six active party members at one time. Each character possesses a so-called cooperation area. If another party members moves into said area, the duo can team up to unleash combination attacks. Furthermore, the game will allow the player to influence a battle map's settings. For instance, it will be possible to choose between narrow or wide battle maps. As the player progresses through the game, more such choices will become available. Furthermore, various effects, such as "attack power up" or "additional experience" can be added.

Agarest Senki will be available in Japan on September 27th for 6,800 yen ($57.60 US).

Chris Winkler