Soundtrack Reviews: AnimeFan? Part 1
02.27.07 - 3:34 PM

RPGs based on anime? Soundtracks for RPGs based on anime? Yeah, that's right.

In fact, we have a two-part update on these puppies. We've posted a few before, but we're hitting them hard over the next month, simply because they are regularly overlooked, and we don't like to overlook stuff.

So here's what's on the menu for part one:

Gatekeepers - This classic anime, with music from Kouhei Tanaka, was made into an RPG of its own back in the late '90s. Tanaka is back to score music for the OST, and we also have a review for the character vocal album.

Himikoden ~Renge~ - We have another OST/vocal review combo here. The game was developed by Red (the Sakura Taisen folks), and though the 13 episode anime came first, I think I prefer the game (and its music) more. Check these albums out.

Holy Demon Legend 3x3 Eyes - The history behind this RPG is interesting. First, the anime (and manga) came. Then, this RPG was released for MEGA-CD. Years later, the plot line to this RPG became an OVA of its own. So in some ways, the RPG begets the anime as much as the other way around. Anyway, the soundtrack to this one is straight up excellent, with work from Kaoru Wada (whom most of you now know from his work on Kingdom Hearts).

Magic Knight Rayearth - The Super Famicom game never had a soundtrack release, but this one disc OST for the Sega Saturn version of the RPG is something of an artifact for people interested in the series.

Those are the six albums for this update. For part two, we will have some big names: Dragon Ball Z and Record of Lodoss War are part of the line-up. But that won't be until late March, because we have loads of other soundtrack reviews to post first.

Thanks for the continual input, reader reviewers! And thanks to you, dear reader, for keeping an eye on our humble section of RPGFan.

Patrick Gann