A Soundtracks Update To Remember
12.18.06 - 4:47 AM

There's some downright weird stuff in tonight's update. But let's start with the more normal reviews, courtesy of some fine reader reviewers.

Ben Schweitzer has reviewed the original Shin Megami Tensei album. Known widely across the internet as "Law & Chaos," which are the names of the two discs of the soundtrack, the album's official title is simply the title for the game that has spawned a massive series from Atlus. You'll want to be reading this review.

Next up, a soundtrack review for a game that many RPGFan editors past and present adore: Snatcher. That's right, Kojima's adventure-style cyberpunk game that no one's heard of (thanks to the overwhelming success of Metal Gear Solid) has music from some of Konami's finest. Here to review "Snatcher Zoom Tracks" is a regular contributor, Derek Strange.

And now, a series of reviews, in four parts, by Patrick Gann:

Sugiyama and co. have been reprinting and re-recording those Dragon Quest Symphonic Suites since the beginning of time. Or, at least, since the series become a massive hit in Japan. This last go-around, a completely new set of recordings from the Tokyo Metropolitan, has covered Dragon Quest II through VIII. We already have reviews for those most recent prints of V and VIII, and tonight we add Dragon Quest VI Maboroshi no Daichi to the list. It's one of my all-time favorites, so prepare for some biased writing!

And what update wouldn't be complete without a cheesy J-pop vocal album? None, I tell you! That's why I've reviewed "Vocalize Dragon Mitsumete Knight," which is also a Konami release.

Last year, reader Connary presented us with an excellent review of the two disc TalesWeaver OST, printed exclusively in Korea (the origin of the MMORPG, in fact). Not one to be outdone, Japan joined in the fun and printed a massive four disc version of the OST, containing plenty of additional tunes, and they also entitled it "TalesWeaver OST." I couldn't help myself, so I picked it up and reviewed it. Check it out.

Last on the list, the most odd and ridiculous album we've reviewed to date. It's the only soundtrack we have for an RPG exclusively on the WonderSwan, and it happens to be from a series that is more relegated to the "shmup" genre (or perhaps the "homo-erotic" genre) than RPGs. Yes, I am talking about Cho Aniki. You don't want to miss this review, the soundtrack for Cho Aniki ~ Otoko no Tamashii. I'm already laughing at the awkward stares of confusion that will ensue when ye lovely readers look into this one.

There will be one more soundtracks update for 2006, and it will probably be a big one, so don't look away for more than a second! Or, a few days, I guess...

Patrick Gann