New Persona 3 Details Announced
05.15.06 - 4:41 PM

The newest issue of Famitsuu PS2 contained a six-page feature on Atlus' newest PlayStation 2 offering, Persona 3. Already 90% complete, the game is on track to meet its projected mid-July release date. A total of five playable characters have been revealed so far. The protagonist, the female led Yukari Takeba, and her classmate Junpei Iori are joined by Mitsuru Kirijou and Akihito Sanada. Mitsuru is the cool daughter of a wealthy industrial family and the head of the students council. Akihito is the head of the school's boxing club. A lot of female students have at least one eye on him. Juuji Ikutsuki is the chairman of the school's board. He acts as an adviser to the group. He can't actually summon Persona, but is a very knowledgable person. The intelligent Fuuka Yamakishi supports the characters by gathering information, be it on the field or during battle. Fuuka for instance warns the protagonist, when the number of enemies in a particular area is very high.

The development team at Atlus has incorporated a "one more press" system in Persona 3. If the player successfully exploits an enemy's weakeness and subsequently sends his foe into a down status, he will get another turn. Since it is possible to repeat this pattern multiple times, players will be given the opportunity to perform potentially lethal combo attacks. Enemies however will also be able to make use of this system.

As far as Persona fusions in the Velvet Room are concerned, the game will allow players to fuse up to six Persona cards to create one powerful new creature. In addition to Igor, the Velvet Room is inhabited by a blonde female by the name of Elizabeth. She will ask the player to do certain quests for her, such as retrieving items or fusing certain Persona. After successfully completing a certain quest, players will be awarded a rare item.

Persona 3 will be available in Japan on July 13th for 6,800 yen ($61.84 USD). Atlus USA will bring the game to the US later this year.

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Chris Winkler