Soundtracks Update: A Tribute To S-E
10.30.05 - 12:28 PM

Hello again. For a while now, you've probably been wondering where all the "big" soundtrack reviews were. Well, as far as I know, there's nothing bigger in the world of RPGs than Square Enix. Today's update includes six Square Enix soundtracks, from the most popular and well-known all the way to the most obscure and ignored. Here's the rundown:

First, we have work from a new reader-reviewer named Alexander Prievert. Noticing that the album had not been talked about by many, he gives us his thoughts on the Symphonic Suite arrangement for Dragon Quest VIII, which was released this past June. Unfortunately, it seems Prievert has some problems with both the arrangement and the recording quality.

Ryan Mattich, import reviewer and an avid fan of a certain addictive MMORPG, gives us his thoughts on the arranged album for Final Fantasy XI, entitled "Music From the Other Side of Vana'diel." The general impression is that, yes, this album is quite good.

And then there are four reviews from yours truly, a dedicated fan of both S-E and VGM. Let's start with the obscure titles.

I was able to get my greedy hands on two promotional albums. The first was an album released just last year for Front Mission, presumably to celebrate the release of the fourth title in the series. This short album highlights some of the classic songs from the first game, and is certainly worth checking it for this reason.

Also, for you import fans, Square Enix's zany Hanjuku Hero 4 -The 7 Heroes- had a two disc soundtrack release packaged with the limited edition of the game. Performed by the "Hanjuku Mages", this album is definitely not your standard soundtrack. It's meant to be humorous, and on many levels, it does succeed. However, from a musical standard, this isn't the best thing you're going to be hearing from today's update.

Next up, though it's technically not an RPG but rather a film, we have included in our coverage everything pertaining to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. So, I bring you my thoughts on the superb two-disc soundtrack for said film. Don't miss out on this one.

And finally, just released one week ago, I give you the pleasure of hearing and reading about Kumi Tanioka's most recent work, the OST for Code Age Commanders. Enjoy it.

In the near future, expect even more Atelier soundtrack reviews, as well as a few more Square Enix soundtracks that we've somehow managed to ignore. Also, there may be some Tales of Legendia and Shadow Hearts music coming your way in the month of November. So keep your eyes peeled, and for today, enjoy the Square Enix soundtracks update!

And, as always, feel free to submit reviews. We'd be glad to have your musical critiques shared with the world.

Patrick Gann