eM: eNCHANT arM Website Goes Live
07.25.05 - 8:10 PM

From Software has opened the official website for its first Xbox 360 project eM: eNCHANT arM. The game takes place 1,000 years after the Golem War. To ensure the war and its terrible aftermath does not repeat itself, a ban is placed on making use of and producing Golems (creatures controlled by magic; their bodies are composed of material, and they can move thanks to ether) multiple seals placed and hidden beneath various cities. Eventually, man began to apply a power known as "enchant" to steel, gunpowder and steam-based machinery. However the power used in the Golem War has been resurrected and is being used for personal ambition.

eNCHANT arM's protagonist is Atsuma, a student attending an enchant university in Yokohama City. While Atsuma acts without thinking, his fellow student and close friend Touya is calm and calculating. Makoto is another fellow of Atsuma's. A friend of both Atsuma and Touya, he is hardcore gay. Karin is a female martial arts master specializing in foot techniques. She is very proud of her feet, hates to lose and is an unmanageable girl. Raiga is swordman who accompanies Karin. A member of the resistance forces, he considers watching over Karin as a way to repay the help he has received from her father in the past. The Queen of Ice is a Devil Golem sealed away in a closed off area beneath Yokohama City. Looking like a woman, this battle Golem possesses a very high level of intelligence.

By combining material with ether, players will be able to create more than 100 different Golems. Other Golems include the Pegasus Golem, the Fire Golem and the Mage Guardian Golem.

eM: eNCHANT arM will be a launch title when Xbox 360 launches in Japan in late 2005.

Chris Winkler