New Generation of Chaos V Details Announced
05.28.05 - 3:38 AM

Idea Factory has updated the official website for Shinten Makai Generation of Chaos V. As previously announced, the company's newest PlayStation 2 strategy RPG will feature a world split into three major areas: underground, surface and sky. Following the introduction of the characters yielding from the underground level, Idea Factory today updated the website with the description of the surface world and its characters. Unlike the technologically advanced underground world, the surface world is themed after medieval Europe. It will feature knights, magicians and dragons.

Ten years ago, the kingdom of Zembolia suddenly attacked its former ally, the kingdom of Lowride. Incapable of defending itself, Lowride quickly surrenders and its prince dies. Afterwards, Zembolia establishes a hegemonic and brutal rule over the region. As the game's story begins, the ship of Gondola and his group of pirates stops at a port. Protagonist Duo disembarks the vessel in order to accompany the travelling swordman Harald into town. As he returns to the port, the general of the Zemolian army, Steiner has already arrested Gondola and his crew. He orders the prisoners to be transferred to the capital city of Lowride, with Duo chasing after him.

Here you will find the biographies of nine key surface dwellers: Duo is a 22-year old chivalrous thief, stealing money from bad people and giving it to the poor. The 22-year old Steiner is the prince of the Kingdom of Zemolia and brother of Fiona. He also happens to be a childhood friend of Lefios'. Gondola is the head honcho of Duo's group of thieves and Rees' father. The 21-year old Harald is travelling swordsman trying to return to his hometown. Rees is the 18-year old daughter of Gondola and Duo's pal. Elselia is a 25-year old female elf. She is supporting Duo and Company. The 20-year old Fiona is the princess of Zemolia and sister of Steiner. She is also a childhood friend of Lefios'. Bamilian is the commander of the Lowride Empire's knights. He helped Lefios in the night of the attack ten years ago. Lefios is or rather was the prince of the Lowride Empire. The 12-year old died during the attack of the Zembolian army against his kingdom ten years ago.

A maxi single featuring the game's main theme Chaos of love, as performed by Splash Candy will go on sale in Japan on the same day as the game for 1,000 yen ($9.27 US). Shinten Makai Generation of Chaos V will be released in Japan on July 21st. The standard version will available for 6,800 yen ($63.03 US), while the limited edition will carry a price tag of 8,800 yen ($81.57 US).

Chris Winkler