E3: New Mage Knight: Apocalypse Details
05.20.05 - 3:19 PM

In addition to speaking with Namco about Hellgate: London we were also shown their game based on the Mage Knight miniature war game.

The control scheme used in Mage Knight: Apocalypse is simplistic but in a good way, as essentially the entire game can be played quite easily with only the mouse: one button for moving/attacking, one button for special attacks and a third for camera control. For you keyboard fans, the entire keyboard is mappable so if you like to have access to every ability you have gained throughout the game, then you'll be set.

Mage Knight: Apocalypse is shying away a bit from the standard RPG level up system, instead of leveling up by killing enemies and obtaining experience, the level up system in entirely skill based, so using swords increases strength, using bows, dexterity and so forth. Special abilities are obtained in a similar fashion, so if your axe-wielding fighter gains a new ability, it won't be a sword based ability, so you will never find yourself with an ability you are unable to use to full effect.

While Mage Knight: Apocalypse can be played to great effect on your own, multiplayer gameplay is definitely the way to go, you can team up with 4 other players online to tackle all the various enemies you'll face in your adventures, or you can play the planned PvP mode where up to 60 characters can face each other in a battle royale.

While viewing the title one of the most impressive thing was the graphics engine, which despite being only three months old has full water reflections, some great textures and a pretty good draw distance. The game was a little choppy but that be more attributed to the relative newness of the game engine then anything else. Another feature of the game engine is that everything is loaded front-side, so going into new areas or teleporting to ones you have previously visited is seamless and instantaneous.

So far Mage Knight: Apocalypse appears to be a very promising title, and you can check back with RPGFan for more details as they are released.

As an aside, we also have a new Mage Knight: Apocalypse gallery with 16 images of the title.

James Kelly