E3: Some NIS America News
05.18.05 - 8:39 PM

NIS America will be releasing the latest instalment in Idea Factory's Generations of Chaos series for the PSP in North America. The game has been described by NIS America as "Monopoly meets Final Fantasy Tactics", and will be available Spring 2006.

The game will be a Strategy-RPG featuring large-scale battles between multiple troops, including player-controlled generals. The game will also include seasonable and daytime/nighttime cycles to affect character statistics and the flow of battle. The title is in keeping with many of Idea Factory's games, and resembles the Sega Saturn classic Dragon Force.

Along with the announcement of Generation of Chaos for PSP in the US, NIS America has also divulged information on soon-to-be released titles as well as plans for the future.

Last week, we announced that Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ had been delayed a month, from May 25 to June 28 of this year. According to NIS America, the delay was due to localization difficulties. Specifically, we at RPGFan were informed that it was a challenge working with Gust, as this was Gust's very first title to be translated into English. NIS assured us that the June 28 date would hold firmly.

As for the game's sequel, Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~ 2 (which will be released in Japan next week), NIS America informed us that they are "looking into" bringing this title to the United States, and that it is very likely that the game will be released. As for previous Atelier games (of which there are five), we were told that it was "unlikely" that the older games would ever make it to America.

NIS America's other upcoming title, Makai Kingdom, is nearing completion as far as localization goes, and will definitely hold to its July 2005 release date. The game's Japanese title, Phantom Kingdom, was changed because NIS wanted American gamers to understand that this title "holds no relation to Phantom Brave", another NIS title.

NIS America also disclosed that they are looking into obtaining licenses with Nintendo and Microsoft, and that they have plans to release more merchandise on their site in the future, especially figurine sets for Disgaea and Makai Kingdom.


Patrick Gann