First Xbox 360 RPGs Revealed
05.13.05 - 3:08 PM

Following yesterday's official announcement of Xbox 360 on MTV, Microsoft has revealed the first three RPGs for the system. The first two games are the two titles whose development is headed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. The former will feature Sakaguchi as producer, Akira Toriyama as character designer and Nobuo Uematsu as composer. The game's developer is Artoon, the studio behind the Blinx series. In the game's world five people with shadows made up of light exist. As those shadows perform the same tasks as their owner, their power amplifies and magic is born. One of them is the game's protagonist, the determined Siu. To stop the disaster that is about to swallow his world, he and his friends will have to fight with their weapon of choice: their shadows. On a planet featuring countless ancient ruins, Siu and Co. will meet various friends who along with their shadows will join them. By employing a so-called shadow change, they can change the way they attack their foes. Their formidable enemy is Nene, a survivor from an ancient civilization originally believed to have perished a long time ago.

Lost Odyssey's development team also includes Sakaguchi and Uematsu. The two will be joined by character designer Takehiko Inoue and novelist Kiyoshi Shigematsu. The actual development is conducted by Feel Plus, a studio working exclusively on Xbox 360 games. Lost Odyssey's protagonist is Keim, a man who has been alive for an entire millennium. However eventually he is pushed to the brink of death by man's ambition and treachery. However, Joe is shedding tears. He is a good-hearted landlord. On their journey, they will meet friends, fight with some and part with others. In the game's story the ambition of men wielding the power of magic and an Industrial Revolution led by magic will also be major elements.

Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey have yet to receive official release dates.
The first officially confirmed third party RPG for Microsoft's new console comes from the makers of Armored Core, From Software. The company has announced eM - eNCHANT arM, a fantasy RPG which will launch alongside Xbox 360 in late 2005.


Chris Winkler