Square Enix Releases More Friends: Music From Final Fantasy Concert Details
04.29.05 - 12:07 AM

Square Enix has announced some more details regarding its upcomimg More Friends: Music From Final Fantasy Concert in Los Angeles. Today the company finally revealed the identity of the mysterious guest artists that are scheduled to appear at the concert along with Nobuo Uematsu's rock band, The Black Mages. In addition to Tidus voice actor MC James Arnold Taylor, Japanese songstresses Emiko Shiratori and RIKKI will make their way to California. Final Fantasy fans will remember both as the artists behind the main themes of Final Fantasy IX ("Melodies of Life") and Final Fantasy X ("Suteki Da Ne").

Furthermore, the concert on May 16th will feature the US debut of Maria and Draco, the famous opera from Final Fantasy VI. It will be performed by Stephanie Woodling, Chad Berlinghieri and Todd Robinson. The Grammy award winning conductor Arnie Roth has also newly arranged Nobuo Uematsu's Swing de Chocobo for the event.

The More Friends: Music from Final Fantasy Concert will take place two days before E3 on May 16th at the Gibson Amphitheater.


Chris Winkler