Namco Announces Hellgate: London
04.27.05 - 4:53 PM

Namco Hometek today announced Hellgate: London for the PC platform. The original title is developed by Flagship Studios, a development company founded by former Blizzard members including Bill Roper. While Namco already announced the cooperation with Flagship in March 2004, no details had been released until today.

Hellgate: London is an action RPG with first person shooter gameplay elements. In the year 2030 mankind has come under attack from evil spirits. Eventually the people of London seek shelter in underground facilities. However, a secret society known as the Templars hasalready began to fuse modern technology with ancient relics in order to create effective weapons against the powerful enemies.

Gameplay wise, Hellgate: London will not only feature randomly-generated dungeons, but likewise events and quests will also occur randomly. The game will allow for a lot of character customization. While Flagship Studios has geared the game towards multiplayer gameplay, a single player mode will also be included.

Namco plans to show off this new game at next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 in Los Angeles. In Asia the game will be published by South Korean MMORPG heavyweight Hanbit Soft.

Hellgate: London has yet to receive an official release date.


Chris Winkler