Falcom Soundtracks Update
04.21.05 - 4:44 PM

I'll make this short and sweet. We promised a Falcom update, and you got a Falcom update.

Many years ago, Falcom released four vocal collection albums, putting together compilations of all (or nearly all) vocal tracks on their many many CD releases. It was a long time ago that I wrote reviews for collections I and IV, but today, I have written a review of Vocal Collection II! Of course, being the completionist I am, I wouldn't bother to post this review if we hadn't also received a review of Falcom Vocal Collection III. That said, Mike Wilson has reviewed said title.

Speaking of vocal albums, I also wrote up a review for "The Songs of Zemeth ~Ys VI Vocal Version~". Released only a month ago, this album contains nine vocal arrangements from the soundtrack to the highly acclaimed game (which was recently released in the US on PS2). Long-time Falcom fan Connary wrote a review of the Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim OST, for those who want to get a taste of the in-game music. Exciting, isn't it?

Connary also wrote a review for a soundtrack he feels has gone unnoticed for many Falcom fans, and thus demands the attention of the masses. That's right, we are referring to the OST for VM Japan, a strategy RPG developed and published by Falcom some three years ago.

So there you have it: five Falcom soundtracks reviewed. But wait, there's still more!

I couldn't let this update happen without presenting my take on one of Falcom's best soundtracks post-Y2k. I am referring to "Symphonic Fantasy 'White Witch'", a newly arranged album for The Legend of Heroes III. Of all the Falcom music posted today, I think this one might just take the cake. Decide for yourself by checking out all of today's reviews!

In the near future, expect more Falcom, but also expect plenty of Lunar, Radiata Stories, Nippon Ichi titles, and music to various online RPGs.

Until next time...

Patrick Gann