New Tales of Rebirth Details Revealed
11.23.04 - 9:28 PM

Namco has released yet another round of details regarding its upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG Tales of Rebirth. Following on the heels of information on the Sacred Beast of Fire, Fenia, today's update includes details on three more Sacred creatures. Eephon, the guardian of the element Darkness is a powerful beastman. Wontiga, the guardian of the element Wind is the most intellectual of all the deities, while the guardian of Light, Gilione looks like a winged horse. Randgriz, the guardian of the element Earth is the most senior among the Sacred Beasts.

So far, the following locations have been revealed: The capital of Kalgia Kingdom, Balka is rather dark place, always covered by clouds. Sulz, the Northern hometown of the protagonist on the other hand is set against the background of a beautiful mountain range. Petnajanka is generally referred to as the City of Chimneys, due to the large chimneys towering above the city's houses. Anikamal is an oasis in the middle of the desert. Just as its name suggests, Sunny Town is a nice place to be, surrounded by water and only accessible via two bridges. Habiro Graad is the town in Tales of Rebirth's world which is closest to the sky and the clouds. Casually called Sea Roar City, Minaal is a harbor town.

Tales of Rebirth will be available in Japan on December 16th for 6,800 yen ($65.90 US).

Chris Winkler