LucasArts Launches Knights of the Old Republic II Website
11.13.04 - 3:02 AM

LucasArts has launched the official website for its PC and Xbox RPG sequel Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. On the website, the company has now revealed the first five characters to be featured in the Obsidian Entertainment-developed title: Mira is a female bounty hunter, who prefers to catch and take in people with a price on their hand, rather than killing them. Her weaponry includes a powerful wrist-mounted rocket launcher. Darth Sion is a powerful Sith Lord who holds together his shattered body by the pure power of his will. Previously, his skeleton had been shattered, only to be re-built later. This re-built body gives Sion supernatural vitality and makes him almost impossible to defeat. Atton Rand is a troublemaker who has cheated death for years. The skilled pilot, mechanic, gambler and liar is initally imprisoned on Peragus and will be one of the first companions in the game. In battle, Rand can't be knocked out if another party member is still standing. His durability also makes it hard for enemies to stun, paralyze of poison him. Kreia is an old Lady who will serve as the player's mentor and help him rediscover the ways of the Force. She will also teach him how to acquire new powers and abilities. The first character you will meet in The Sith Lords is T3-M4. The astromech robot has to repair the Ebon Hawk and pilot it to safety in the beginning of the game. The talkative robot has a long story to tell and will play a key role in the game's story. Acting as a portable workbench, he will also support the player when it comes to security, demolition, computers and mechanical repairs.

Some of the game's areas are the spaceship Ebon Hawk, the partially destroyed planet Peragus II with its orbital mining colony, Telos, a planet which is currently under re-construction following massive destruction caused by the Sith during the Jedi Civil War, the sister planets Dxun and Onderon, which are feared for their jungles and the predators that lure in them, Dantooine and the Sith's ancient home world Korriban.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords will be available for Xbox on December 7th and sometime in February for the PC platform.

Chris Winkler