Capcom Opens Official Rockman EXE 5 Website
09.17.04 - 10:08 PM

Capcom has opened the official website for Rockman EXE 5: Team of Blues and Rockman EXE 5: Team of Colonel for Game Boy Advance. The two games' team battle system will allow Rockman to team up with friends over the course of the games. Depending on your choice of compatriots, the games will unfold differently. In addition to standard battles, there will be battles which are fought by utilizing panels. In particular, when surrounded by enemies, changing panels will make battles more interesting. Team of Blues will consist of Blues, Magneto Man, Yellow Man, Search Man, Napalm Man and Medi. Team of Colonel will be made up of Colonel, Tomahawk Man, Number Man, Toad Man, Shadow Man and Shade Man.

Rockman EXE 5: Team of Blues will be available in Japan on December 9th, while Rockman EXE 5: Team of Colonel will be released in February 2005. Both games carry a retail price of 4,752 yen ($43.39 US).

Chris Winkler