Square Enix Announces New Additions to TGS Line-Up
09.08.04 - 1:37 PM

Square Enix has announced two new additions to its Tokyo Game Show 2004 line-up. The first one is a new PlayStation 2 installment of Hanjuku Eiyuu, which will be exhibited in video form at the company's booth. Following last year's Hanjuku Eiyuu Tai 3D (Half-boiled Hero VS 3D), the new title will be the second PlayStation 2 installment of Takashi Tokita's comic RPG series. Titled Hanjuku Eiyuu: 4-7 Hito no Hanjuku Eiyuu, the game will take place on a total of seven planets and feature 100 vs 100 character battles, though party battles will be limited to three vs three characters. 2D and 3D will be mixed to result in a "senseless" development. The development team also decided to bring back eggmonster vs eggmonster battles. Egg monster designs, which were submitted by fans as part of last month's campaign, will be used in the game.

Hanjuku Eiyuu: 4-7 Hito no Hanjuku Eiyuu has yet to receive a release date.

The second addition is Egg Monster Heroes for Nintendo's new handheld DS. Similiar to Hanjuku Eiyuu: 4-7 Hito no Hanjuku Eiyuu, the game will only be exhibited in video form at TGS. Egg Monster Heroes will be the first RPG in the series allowing for the genre-typical village exploration. The real time battles will be called scratch battles and make use of the DS' touch screen. Your party's units, as shown on the touch screen, can be moved toward an enemy by rubbing the screen, resulting in the respective unit attacking the opponent in whose direction they have been moved. Upon summoning an egg monster, the screen will split into nine different parts. Attacks can be executed by pressing the various fields on the screen.

Egg Monster Heroes has not received an official release date.

Chris Winkler