Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Import Editor Review
09.25.03 - 11:03 PM

While the Star Ocean series is remarkaly popular in Japan, it is probably one of the lesser known sagas in North America. Tri-Ace's classic sci-fi RPG saga did gain some noteriety in the 'States with the release of Star Ocean: The Second Story for the PlayStation. Even though The Second Story was quite popular in small circles, the rest of the world lay oblivious to the game in light of another Final Fantasy. Even so, when word of development of another game in the series, specifically for the then youthful PS2, RPG fans on our shores began to take notice of this remarkable series.

I remember when we took our first good look at Star Ocean: Till the End of Time at E3 2002. The game was still in development, having had the Japanese release date pushed back time and again. But even in video format, we were so enamoured with the amazing visuals, fantastic sci-fi settings and frantic real-time combat that the game was one of our picks of the show.

Now, well over a year later, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time has enjoyed an immense run of popularity in Japan since its release earlier this year and is slated for an early 2004 domestic release courtesy of Square Enix. Today, our ruthless import reviews editor (I say that with much love), Ryan Mattich, brings us a stellar review of this incoming juggernaut.

Stephen Harris