Square Enix Talks Current Status
09.20.03 - 4:02 PM

In today's V-JUMP magazine, Square Enix representatives have been talking about the development of the company's production teams following the merger on April 1st. Joining Square's eight production teams were two teams from Enix, resulting in a total of ten very different teams. Below you will find a run-down of who is doing what:

Production Team 1 (headed by Yoshinori Kitase)
Last Title: Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission
Current Status: A new project is in development and will be announced quite soon

Production Team 2 (headed by Akitoshi Kawazu)
Last Title: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Current Status: A new title in development here as well, but it can't be revealed to the public just now

Production Team 3 (headed by Hiromichi Tanaka)
Last Title: Final Fantasy XI Rise of the Zilart
Current Status: No new game projects were announced, the team is implementing an emergency phone system into Final Fantasy XI.

Production Team 4 (Yasumi Matsuno)
Last Title: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Current Status: An announcement regarding Final Fantasy XII will be coming forward this fall.

Production Team 5 (Yuusuke Hirata)
Last Title: All-Star Pro Wrestling 3
Current Status: No information provided.

Production Team 6 (Toshirou Tsuchida)
Last Title: Front Mission 3
Current Status: Front Mission 1st (PS One Remake) and Front Mission 4 seem to be just the beginning, as the team wants to develop the series on many different levels.

Production Team 7 (Takashi Tokita)
Last Title: Hanjuku Eiyuu Tai 3D (Hanjuku Hero VS 3D)
Current Status: New title in the works, scheduled for a 2004 release.

Production Team 8 (Kouichi Ishii)
Last Title: Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu (Sword of Mana)
Current Status: Nothing specific, but Seiken Densetsu should be established as a real fantasy series.

Production Team 9 (Ari Miyake)
Last Title: Kenshin Dragon Quest
Current Status: Being involved in Kenshin Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest Monsters, and also the main Dragon Quest series, this team is currently working on Dragon Quest VIII and gets weekly visits by series mastermind Yuuji Horii.

Production Team 10 (Yousuke Saitou)
Current Status: Consisting only of producers, the team is currently working on three projects. Its head, Yousuke Saitou, is currently involved in Final Fantasy XI. While a complete edition of Star Ocean: Till The End of Time has been discussed, no announcement has been made.

Square Enix president Youichi Wada mentioned that he was not only a big fan of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, but also likes to play Konami's Metal Gear Solid and Koei's Shin Sangoku Musou. When traveling to fjords in Northern Europe, he likes to take his GameBoy Advance with him. Asked about Final Fantasy X-3, Wada mentioned that there will most likely be no such title. However, his company apparently has various other ideas regarding new Final Fantasy releases, such as a title which can be played on and offline.

Chris Winkler