New Wild ARMS Alter Code: F Details
09.19.03 - 6:53 PM

Following our earlier gallery update, we also have many new details for Wild ARMs Alter Code: F, from an update to the title's official website.

The game's developer, Media Vision, is implementing two new features into the battle system: The encounter cancel system and VIT (vitality) gauge. The former is based on a badge item. Once you see a monster closing in, an exclamation mark will appear above your character's head and an encounter gauge will appear on screen, giving you the chance to evade any confrontation. If the gauge reaches zero however, such an encounter is inevitable. Trying to evade high-level monsters will cause the gauge to decrease more than an encounter with low-lewel enemies. The level of the badge which corresponds to the encounter gauge can be increased by meeting certain criteria. By collecting white gems (which can be found in dungeons) it is furthermore possible to re-fill the gauge.

The vitality gauge is a means of automatically refilling the amount of HP you might have used during the last battle. Thereby the developers want to decrease the amount of time spent on using healing items. Just like the ENC gauge, the VIT gauge can be re-filled by collecting certain gems in dungeons. In this case, you need to find orange ones. Apart from general action on the field map like searching, picking up and throwing, dashing, turning handles, climbing ladders, specific characters have special moves at their disposal. Rody Roughnight for instance will be able to fire a maximum of eight bombs simultaneously or detect treasures.

Wild ARMS Alter Code: F will be available in Japan on November 27th for 6,800 yen (58.95USD).


Chris Winkler