Sega Announces PSO Episode I & II Plus for GC
09.02.03 - 6:46 PM

Sega has announced Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Plus for Nintendo GameCube during today's pre-Tokyo Game Show demonstration. The game will feature several already released PSO Episode I & II online quests in the form of offline quests as well as the yet-to-be released new challenge mode. It will furthermore contain special exclusive elements such as items which can only be found in PSO Episode I & II Plus. Last but not least, all current users of the GC version of Episode I & II will be able to take over their existing save data, as this new version will share servers with the original title.

Phantasy Star Episode I & II Plus will be available in Japan on November 27th for 3,980 yen (34.15USD).

Chris Winkler