Final Fantasy XI for Windows Exposed!
08.11.03 - 9:27 PM

PC users have enjoyed Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs (MMORPGs) for over half a decade. From the original EverQuest to the more recent Star Wars Galaxies, the existence of persistant online worlds have become a staple of PC RPG gaming.

In 2 months time, Square Enix will be taking their console RPG juggernaut Final Fantasy to Windows-based PCs with Final Fantasy XI. While the PS2 release of FFXI is still quite a ways off, players will eventually be able to adventure across the vast landscape of Vana'diel regardless of platform.

Today we have the unique opportunity to bring you, our readers, a closer look at the PC version of the upcoming hit. We present an in-depth tour of one particular adventure in the world of FFXI, highlighting some of the gameplay elements and character diversity and background. To compliment the feature we've also created an entirely new gallery for the PC version of the game.

I hope you enjoy our feature and stay tuned for more information on Final Fantasy XI for Windows as it develops.

Stephen Harris