Weekly Japanese Sales Charts Update
08.10.03 - 11:35 PM

With five new entries among the ten best-selling titles and Bandai's Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED for PlayStation 2 topping the charts with 157,113 copies, this week's edition of the Japanese sales charts has seen quite some movement. Princess Soft's adventure title Sakura for PlayStation 2 entered the charts at spot 14, selling 10,605 copies upon its debut. Konami's GBA action RPG title Bokura no Taiyou slipped from spot 11 to 18, after having sold an additional 8,363 copies this week. Since its July 17th release, the game has sold a total of 46,266 copies. Nintendo's GBA versions of Mother 1 and 2 lost some ground, dropping by one spot to 20. The compilation sold 7,750 copies this week and a total of 231,909 copies. Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby sold 6,750 copies (for a total of 2,262,614 copies) and 6,433 copies (for a total of 2,201,705 copies) this week respectively, at spots 21 and 23. Sega's action RPG Shining Soul II for GBA sold 6,300 copies in its second week, reaching a total of 19,988 copies. Capcom's Onimusha Tactics sold 6,617 copies this week, thereby dropping to spot 26 and reaching a total of 19,334 copies. By selling 5,865 copies, D3 Publisher's Makai Tenshou for PlayStation 2 entered the charts at spot 28. Fog's Dreamcast adventure Missing Parts 3 The Tantei Story entered the charts at spot 33, selling 5,075 copies during its first week. Game Village's PlayStation 2 adaptation of EVE Burst Error, EVE Burst Error Plus fell from spot 7 to 34, selling 4,982 copies this week and a total of 25,276 copies. Nintendo's Pokemon Box Ruby and Sapphire slipped 12 spots to 48, after having sold 3,600 copies this week for a total of 154,364 copies. At spot 50, Banpresto's GBA RPG Dragon Drive World D Break sold 3,450 copies this week and a total of 20,252 copies since its July 18th release.

Chris Winkler