PlayStation Meeting and Award 2003 Report
07.29.03 - 12:29 PM

Sony Computer Entertainment has hold its PlayStation Meeting and the PlayStation Award Show 2003 in Tokyo today. At the center of attention was, among others, Square Enix's PlayStation 2 title Final Fantasy XII. Producer Yasumi Matsuno mentioned that as his team was creating a new game, he expects a discussion as to whether it will actually be a "real" Final Fantasy title. He also mentioned that the company will make an announcement regarding the title sometime this fall. Also present were representatives from Capcom, Namco and Koei talking about their future high-profile titles (none of which were RPGs, sadly). Additionally, a list of upcoming PlayStation 2 titles was provided. Below you will find a complete run-down of the games covered by RPGFan:

WildARMS F, Sony Computer Entertainment, fall 2003
New Super Robot Taisen installment, Bandai, fall 2003
Drag-on Dragoon, Square Enix, September 11th 2003
Tengai Makyou II, Hudson, October 2nd 2003
Shadow Hearts 2, Aruze, Winter 2003
Busin O, From Software, tba

On the hardware side of things, SCE President Ken Kutaragi unveiled the specifications of his company's handheld console PlayStation Portable (PSP) and released some additional details regarding Sony's PlayStation 2-based multimedia unit PSX. Kutaragi mentioned that SCE will show off a prototype of the PSP at next year's E3 and announce the new platform's software line-up at the Tokyo Game Show 2004. The PSP will then be launched simultaneously in all territories sometime during the fourth quarter of 2004, possibly on December 3rd, the day on which SCE originally launched the PlayStation in Japan.

The winner of this year's PlayStation Awards was clearly Final Fantasy X-2, being the only title that managed to sell more than two million copies in Japan, thereby receiving the sole Double Platinum Prize of the evening. The following titles received Gold Awards for selling more than 500,000 copies in Japan: Square Enix's ChunSoft-developed Torneko's Adventure 3, UNLIMITED: SaGa and the tri-Ace-developed Star Ocean: Till The End of Time as well as Namco's Tales of Destiny 2, and 2nd Super Robot Taisen Alpha from Banpresto.

Chris Winkler